Why Typos Spell Bad Business

As a child, I loved those Spot the Difference brain teasers – you know: there’s two pictures and you had to find how they differed.  When I first saw this business card, only one error leapt out at me  – the misspelling of ‘Benefits’ –  but then I found three more [maybe you can too].

Does it matter?

You could argue that maybe this is the best reflexologist in town and who cares if there’s mistakes on their card?   But my take:  even one error erodes your credibility, specially when it comes to your branding materials.

The message:  unprofessional.

It’s important to  learn from our own mistakes, but so much easier to learn from other people’s – so don’t let this happen to you!

Take the time to check and double-check before anything gets posted, emailed or printed.  You not only save face – but reprinting costs too.